Animated Gif's is a 90-megabyte collection of all kind of animated gif's" which are divided into groups. And, it is FREE. If you want to enliven your web - or even have a bit of a laugh - here is the answer. People, e-mail, miscellaneous, Christmas, Dragon Ball, www (Internet), animals, lines, drak backgrounds and so on... 

   "Gif's" do not usually take up much room. They can brighten up your webs as well as fill them with vitality. This means that pages both carry less weight and can be loaded easily.

And if you have any doubt it visits  a tutorial that he/she explains to you detailedly as lowering a gif, to reveal it, to place it lively as bottom of the desk (screen or monitor) or, even to build it your same one. 

    By the way, nearly all "gif's" are transparent, that is to say, they can be placed on top of any background without the "intrusion" of annoying white boxes.
    Well, it's up to you. Have fun! Thanks for you visit.

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