How to download a gif?

You have already seen this collection of pages full of animated gis and now you have chosen the one you want to place it on your website or on your blog or in your mail message or in your social posts or ... well you just have to download it and It's very easy:

  • Put the mouse pointer on top of the gif
  • Click with the right mouse button
  • Choose from the option that says "save image as ..."
  • Choose where to save it

After this action you will have the image saved on your computer. Easy, is not it?

Now you can insert it in your emails, or on your website or in your whatsapp or telegram ...

You can also edit or modify them to your liking, you have some applications for get it.

Check this other page to find out what applications exist.

Normally gifs have a transparent background, if you do not have one, you can edit it to remove the background or put it in the background that best suits what you need.

The way to do it depends on the graphic editor you use, but it's usually very easy.

A common way is for the editor to present an options box when you are going to save the file in gif format