How to edit an animates gif?

The first thing you have to know is what is an animated gif?

It is a graphic file in which several static images are stored that are shown one after another, more or less quickly, and it will seem that the image is changing. It is the basis of the cinema or the usual animation. Now some nomenclature so you do not get lost: Each image is called a frame or frame Changing from one image to another is called transition

The speed with which frames change is measured in fps (frames per second)

The backgrounds can be transparent or opaque (colored)

The animations can be repeated automatically, they are the loops or loops So to create a gif you must have an ordered series of images. If you want to create as a movie each image will vary a bit from the previous one, but you can also create several images by applying effects to the initial one: changing the color, size, perspective, and transition effects. You can also start from a video sequence.

This is the essence of the process of creating or editing animated gifs. And it is done with:

Graphic edition programs such as Gimp (free), PhotoShop or Corel PhotoPaint

Specific programs to create gifs, among others:

Online programs like

The specifics make the work easier and allow many options when creating or editing an animated gif. and they are not difficult to handle if you know the basic principles of animated gifs, as I have explained on this page