Free Animated Gifs for you

In Animated Gifs, there are a collection with more than 5000 animated gifs, distributed by categories so that you can easily find what you need. And the collection is growing.

You can use it for your websites or for emails or for your WhatsApp ... Animated Gifs of characters, email, Christmas, Dragon Ball, Internet, animals, lines, Vehicles and others. In addition to a great collection of comics.

Animated gifs do not usually occupy too much space and allow to create colorful and dynamic web pages. So you can have attractive and cheerful pages with little weight that are quickly loaded.

Nowdays, popularity of animated gifs has grown up because of its use in social network. This images gives dinamism to your posts.

Most of these gifs are transparent, so you can place them in web pages with any color or background motif.

If you click on any gif a modal window will open and show the gif whith its real size.

You also have a collection specially designed for  black backgrounds. Visit this little tutorial explaining how to download a gif, and how to edit or how to create your own gifs.

Well, enjoy and thank you for your visit.